to the final production, we are in constant touch with all the manufacturers taking place in the collection: textile manufacturers, accessories, labels, zippers, protections and tailory.

Starting from STON the main idea from the collection, all the stages of development and production are carried out. All these steps are fulfilled directly with each and one of the manufacturers by means of e.mail, video conference or telephone.This communication is always supported with team meetings taking place in the annual fair, in the companies themselves or in our study; specific meetings to revise the styles or ideas carried out till now. This is the key that guarantees the process and the knowledge of the collections at all times.

  • We maintain monitoring and continuous communication via e-mail or by means of meeting with the suppliers and the client, till the delivery of the products.
  • Agreement / approval of both suppliers and productor.
  • Communication with the manufacturer and the supplier.
  • Fitting and quality control in the making and production of prototypes.
  • Monitoring of the carrying out, development and making of prototypes.
  • Monitoring of the commercial samples.